DANCEFREE definitely stole my heart and was a huge part of my stay in Medellin! In fact, I'm planning to come back for a month, or a few, and stay somewhere not too far from the studio so that I can come in every other day! Private classes are the best. They have group classes but after taking my first private class I don't think I'd ever go back to a group one, it makes such a difference - you'll learn much more in one hour than in a dozen of group classes. A few times a week there's a disco event going on at the studio, highly recommend! Pricing is great too. At the most, it's around $20/per private class. If you're ready for it, and sign up for a pack of classes you'll get a discount, especially the first time offer. It's really worth it and you don't have to take all the classes with the same teacher so it's pretty much guaranteed you'll find someone who is just perfect for you. All teachers are amazing though! I took classes with so many different ones, Alejandro U, Edison, Elis, Christian, just to name a few. Everyone is super friendly, patient, and seem to really enjoy working there. If you don't speak any Spanish and have never taken any classes - a teacher with great English (there are quite a few who are fluent!) might make more sense. In a few classes though it doesn't really matter and I'd go with others if you like their style more. Everyone brings something different to the dance. Tip for girls - make sure you take style classes with girls too so that they can teach you girl specific moves. Daniela and Estefania are awesome! So if you ever wanted to learn Salsa or Bachata - this is it! Just do it! Highly recommend! - Kateryna S., March, 2019

AuthorBill Pryor