There are artists who fill Medellin nightlife with the sound of live Salsa music, creating unique experiences for Salsa fans. Full of youth and talent, these musicians and vocalists deliver the best of their instruments and voices night after night, making Medellín one of the world's most welcoming Salsa destinations. Below is a list of some of the local, live Salsa bands, groups and orchestras you can discover in Medellin, in alphabetical order, and the places where they usually play, so you can immerse yourself in the Salsa scene, one of Medellin's most special cultural opportunities:

  • Banda Kamara: This band of musicians from Medellin recently released their first hit called "Rey de Rumba" at the Son Havana Bar in the city. They consist of around 12 musicians, between wind instruments, percussion and vocalists.
  • Carlos Zapata: This man is charged with making live Salsa resonate at the Encantigo Bar in the city of Medellin. He is usually accompanied by some guest musicians.
  • El Septeto
  • Eslabon All Stars: Diverse musicians gather to form a live Salsa band called Eslabon All Stars. At various Salsa bars in Medellin, they perform tributes to the best Classical Salsa artists, frequent Salsa downloads and infallible songs and hits. They are usually found at Eslabon Prendido and El Cuchitril on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Improvisessions, Teo Grajales
  • Kaona All Stars
  • KNA Jazz Trío
  • La Charanga
  • La Dimensión
  • La Nueva Sonora
  • La Pregonera Orquesta
  • La Salsamentaria 
  • La Sonora
  • La Trilogía
  • Manyoma Brothers
  • Salsabanda
  • Sexteto Maestro
  • Son Havana All Stars
  • Son Havana Conjunto
  • Son K´maron
  • Swing Bacoso
  • Tromboricua
AuthorBill Pryor