Several events throughout the year make Medellin a Salsa city. On this page we describe the events that bring Medellin locals and foreigners together to enjoy everything Salsa, including great live music, artists and social gatherings. 

Some of the best Salsa events in Medellin, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Medellin Jazz Festival: This musical festival, now 21 years in the making, takes place in Medellin every September, bringing the most exquisite music and a unparalleled Salsa atmosphere. It is an event that pays homage to the world's music, especially Salsa... Read more about Medellin Jazz Festival
  • Night of Afro, Son and Bolero or Black Night (Noche Afro, de Son y Bolero or Noche Negra): One of the most recognized artistic and cultural events at the national level for showcasing the best of Colombia's musical heritage, this event takes place during the evening concert series of Medellin's Feria de las Flores... Read more about Night of Afro, Son and Bolero or Black Night
  • Salsa Takes Medellin (La Salsa Se Toma Medellín): The SANDIEGO Shopping Center of Medellin (C.C. SANDIEGO) currently hosts this annual event, just another reminder that Medellin is a Salsa city. With the support of Latina Stereo... Read more about Salsa Takes Medellin
  • The Living Legends of Salsa (Las Leyendas Vivas de la Salsa): This is an annual concert conducted by one of the most important Salsa radio stations in Medellín: Latina Stereo. At this event, which takes place once a year at the end of April, the best classical Salsa artists come together... Read more about The Living Legends of Salsa
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