Awesome Staff, incredible experience, fun place! I could probably write pages about this place and they would probably not do justice at how awesome Dancefree is. But I'll try to summarize my thoughts and experience. First, the location of the place is great, it's right in the middle of everything, it's very central right on one the main streets, or at least it felt that way. The facility itself was super clean and very spacious. While it does not have AC, the fans do a great job at keeping the place cool and well ventilated. Then the best factor in this business...the staff!! I've been lucky enough to have traveled to over 60 countries, and to have owned 3 businesses in the service industry... and I must say, the quality of service that Dancefree staff provides is TOP notch, second to none! I was already aware of the warmth and welcoming characteristic of the 'Paisas' (People from Medellin), but wow, the staff at Dancefree took it up a notch or two. I went with the though of trying it out, and signed up for some private lessons online while I was still in San Diego, CA. As soon as I started scheduling the classes, I noticed the level of service was great. I started by scheduling 6 hours a day, which some people thought it would be too much, but i must say, those 6 hours went flying since it was so much fun. Actually, I was loving learning from them so much that i decided to buy more lessons, one day I even took 9 hours... i know sounds crazy, but believe me time went by so fast! I was there for 9 days, and took lessons 6 of those days, and now that I'm back in San Diego, I wish I would have taken classes everyday! I went from barely knowing how to do the bare basics and almost tripping on my feet to some intermediate moves. I was lucky enough to have Sara, Daniela, Fernanda, Vanessa R, Vanessa V, Luis and Elis as instructors (since i took so many classes).. and they were all just amazing! They are super professional, fun, funny, welcoming, warm, and soooo good at teaching and dancing. They may it so easy, fun and stressless and actually they made it so I just wanted to keep on learning from them. I was also soo impressed to learn about their professional achievements such a winning championships, competitions, etc. local and international. Crazy the amount of talent and yet how nice and humble they are! Anyway, all in all, I would definitely recommend Dancefree to anyone, from basic learners to professionals. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome job! - Jorge C., April, 2019

AuthorBill Pryor