Below are some reasons why DANCEFREE is #1 for Salsa classes, Bachata classes and more in Medellín, Colombia. If you have any questions, feedback and/or suggestions, please feel free to write to us via WhatsApp at +57 316 288 70 63, call us at +57-4 204 03 36, email us at info@dancefree.com.co and/or visit us at DANCEFREE, Calle 10A #40-27, El Poblado, 2 blocks from Parque Lleras, and we are always happy to help you in any way we can.


Group Salsa class

Getting started

Although it may sound too good to be true, DANCEFREE spends significantly more than it receives to give dance classes. Dance is something we do from our hearts because we love to dance and share. DANCEFREE’s mission is to make dance, fitness and languages accessible to everyone and to make the world a little bit happier. We have already donated more than 50,000 free dance classes to Colombians and foreigners from approximately 100 countries.

We offer service 7 days a week in English and Spanish in person and via WhatsApp, email and phone. And, we are always happy to call you via WhatsApp phone and at any local number.

We always want to provide the best service in the world and are 100% reliable. If at any time we make an error, we will make it right, learn from our error and work continuously to improve our service for you and everyone else.

About one-third of DANCEFREE's instructors are current national and/or world dance champions with as much patience and kindness as talent. 

Our employees receive full compensation packages, including health, pension, paid vacation, maternity leave, etc., DANCEFREE staff have access to a no-interest payment plan for their life’s necessities (e.g., orthodonture, clothing, phones, etc.), and while we recognize we have a long way to go (e.g., we don't yet offer onsite childcare while our staff is working :(... it is only a matter of time), it is our commitment to continuously improve until we are a role model for employers around the world.

DANCEFREE cares about our staff’s and your well being. Our employees and active private class clients receive free medical appointments at DANCEFREE, including alternative treatments (e.g., acupuncture), subject to availability. If you would like a medical appointment at DANCEFREE, please inquire in person at the reception or contact us via WhatsApp, phone or email.

We offer the most opportunities to practice what you've learned in a real social setting.

We consistently improve our technology to offer you the best experience, such as automated email reminders of your classes within 15 minutes of being scheduled and daily, weekly and on-demand email summaries of all of your already-scheduled classes.

We accept payments in person via cash or card, at any Bancolombia and via the App Bancolombia, and via PayPal.

We always email you an official receipt, which may be used for tax deduction purposes at your discretion.

So it remains confidential, all of your personal information is stored securely and electronically with no physical copies.

We are compliant with all Colombian laws.

Private dance instructors for Salsa, Bachata and more

Private dance classes with the most options and personal attention

We offer private dance classes 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM depending on our dance instructors' availability.

We have more than 20 dance and language instructors who teach exclusively for DANCEFREE.

We offer package discounts and an additional first-time discount on private classes, so the more hours you purchase, the more you save.

You have 90 calendar days to use the private class hours you purchase, may choose from female and male instructors or a combination of the two and may change instructors and rhythms whenever you'd like.

DANCEFREE has the most teaching experience. Our instructors teach up to 1,800 hours of private dance lessons per instructor per calendar year.

You may choose from Salsa, Bachata, Tango, Kizomba, Merengue, Porro, Reggaeton, Cha Cha (also know as ChaChaCha), Foxtrot (also know as Fox), Bolero, Cumbia, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Stretching and more. You may also use your private class hours for private Spanish tutoring with Colombian instructors.

We can teach dance in Spanish and/or English. We have instructors with varying levels of English, from a basic understanding to fluent. So, if learning in English is important to you, we are happy to help you choose from instructors who have some ability to communicate with you to those who can teach you entirely in English.

We offer a free consultation, upon request, to review your current understanding of dance, musicality, etc., and to help you understand how you can get from point a to point b to achieve your goals . We are happy to actually show you what you can learn by dancing with a partner for you and help you choose and adjust the path to learning dance that best works for you (e.g., rhythm, weight, style, level, material, musicality, pace, intensity, patience, etc.). You can literally see and understand what we can teach you before you start.

We understand that everyone's goals and learning styles are different, and we adjust our approach and teaching style to each client. We have clients who like the Quarter Pounder/Big Mac style of teaching (show me exactly what I will learn in x, y and z hours), clients who enjoy a more fluid approach, making choices as they go depending on their experience and wins with each instructor, and clients who are simply enthusiastic about Latin culture and open to taking their time and learning to be more Latin. Common goals among our clients include getting over the hump from having two left feet, little or no sense of rhythm and near-zero or zero dance experience, learning to dance comfortably and confidently with anyone in any bar and social setting, learning to dance in Colombia, learning different styles of the same rhythm, such as Salsa On 1, Salsa On 2, Salsa Casino/Rueda, Cuban Style Salsa, Cali Style Salsa (also known as Salsa Caleña), Colombian Style Salsa, Colombian Street Salsa, etc., learning to shake your butt in any bar or club to any type of music/rhythm/genre, improving and/or refining/polishing your technique, women's styling, lead, feel and follow, just having fun, preparing dance choreographies for dance competitions and dance shows, preparing for a special event, such as a wedding, Prom dance, Homecoming dance, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, giving your child a head start with early dance lessons so she/he will have more confidence on the dance floor, more social opportunities, and more confidence in life in general, etc. We also have clients who enjoy taking private dance classes daily for weeks, months or years as a fun replacement for exercise and fitness. At DANCEFREE, we simply love to dance and share and will do everything possible to make learning to dance and dancing socially easy and fun for you.

We have clients who take 1 to 6 hours of private dance instruction daily. You may take all of the hours of private classes that you wish (up to 2 hours per instructor per day), choose from female and/or male instructors or a combination of the two, take one or more private classes daily, take private classes with one or more instructors on the same day, schedule private lessons with breaks inbetween, etc.

We are socially conscious. While you can hunt and peck for better prices, and we certainly appreciate living and traveling on a budget, DANCEFREE offers the best value for private classes when considering teaching and dance experience, personal attention, availability, safety, location, reliability, etc. We know of no other dance academy or dance school that follows Colombian laws and offers better prices and value than DANCEFREE. DANCEFREE in no way supports exploitation of labor and/or taking advantage of Colombians just because you can. If you can find it cheaper, you are likely benefiting from Colombians being paid inadequately and not receiving health, pension, paid vacations, maternity leave, etc. DANCEFREE currently offers private dance instruction for about $13-22 USD per hour depending on the number of hours you purchase, as low as one-eighth of prices for private dance classes in other countries, often for significantly less qualified dance instructors. In other parts of the world, private dance instruction general ranges from about $50-140 USD per private class hour, the low end of the range typically with independent instructors and the high end of the range with traditional
dance studios that teach ballroom and Latin dance.

Group Bachata class

The most affordable group dance classes with the most instructors and the most opportunities to practice in a real social setting

We have 4 to 6 professional instructors in every DANCEFREE group dance class. 

You can practice before and after every group dance lesson at no additional cost. 

Our group Salsa classes and Bachata classes are for all levels, from beginner/1st-timer to expert.

For our group dancing classes, you do not need to bring a partner, enroll or make a reservation and you can arrive and start on any date.

You can pay by the day or the month. Our monthly membership for group Salsa and Bachata classes in Medellín is the least expensive we know of in the world, with more instructors and more opportunities to practice than imaginable before DANCEFREE.

There are typically 40 to 150 students in our group dance classes.

Free opportunities, including dance classes, languages exchanges, no cover bar if you enter early, and more

DANCEFREE’s mission is to make dance, fitness and languages accessible to everyone, regardless of their social and economic background, and to make the world a little bit happier. We have already donated more than 50,000 free dance classes to Colombians and foreigners from approximately 100 countries. And, we also offer free language exchanges, no cover if you enter early and no minimum consumption for our Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, except when there is a special event), free dance shows, etc. 

Current free opportunities are:

Free group Salsa class

Thursdays there is a free Salsa class from 8:00-9:30 PM and Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more until as late as 4:00 AM (Free if you enter before 9:00 PM).

Fridays there is Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more until as late as 4:00 AM (Free if you enter before 11:00 PM).

Saturdays there is a free language exchange from 8:30-10:00 PM, a free dance class (typically varies between Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba) from 10:00-11:00 PM, live percussion starting at 11:00 PM and Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more until as late as 4:00 AM (Free if you enter before 11:00 PM).

In the free group classes (Thursdays and Saturdays) there is one level for everyone. The group classes that are not free (every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) have 4 to 6 instructors and 3 levels: beginners/1st-timers, intermediate and advanced. All group classes begin with stretching and a warmup for everyone.

Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more with great music, the most space for dancing, no minimum consumption, birthday discounts, and no cover if you enter early

Bar for Salsa, Bachata & more every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 PM until as late as 4:00 AM.

Our music selection is currently about 70% Salsa, 20% Bachata and 10% other rhythms, such as Kizomba, Merengue, Porro, etc.

Bar for Salsa, Bachata and more every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until as late as 4:00 AM at DANCEFREE

No cover if you arrive before 9:00 PM on Thursdays or before 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, except when there is a special event. 

No minimum consumption.

Free group dance classes on Thursdays and Saturdays and a free language exchange on Saturdays from 8:30-10:00 PM, except when there is a special event.

Live percussion almost every Saturday beginning at 11:00 PM.

Free snacks (e.g, popcorn) when you purchase alcoholic beverages.

Special discounts for birthdays at www.dancefree.com.co/cumples.

You can view our Bar menu online at www.dancefree.com.co/carta.

Only the best and freshest ingredients. Every day we purchase new ice, mint (hierbabuena), limes (limones), etc., and we never rebottle our beverages (e.g., every Coca-Cola we serve is original, carbonated, and tastes great).

All fans above the tables and dance floors have adjustable speed settings from 1-5. Should you wish for less or more cool air, please let our wait staff know how we can make your stay a more comfortable one.

There are always soap and paper towels in our restrooms (although we are reviewing a change to hand dryers to be more environmentally friendly).

We actively recycle.