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incredible place to learn something new and have fun! i have been taking private and group classes for salsa and bachata at Dancefree for about 7 weeks now and can honestly say that it's been one the best experiences of my life. I came in with zero dance experience and became hooked immediately. Even for someone with absolutely no talent for dancing, salsa is incredibly fun. It can be challenging and frustrating but ultimately so rewarding. What really makes Dancefree such an incredible environment is the staff. Every single instructor I've worked with is incredibly warm, patient, encouraging, positive and passionate. Most importantly, every single one is such a character and so much fun to be around. Shout out to Estefania, Alejandro, Luisa, Sara and Tatiana for helping me fall in love with dance. Classes are easy to schedule and they're open every day of the week. They also have a great scheduling system that will send you a calendar invitation and daily reminders. I can't recommend trying out a class at Dancefree enough. It's been an incredible experience and I'll be leaving with a new passion that I'll keep for the rest of my life.- derrick l., february, 2018
one of the best dance studios i´ve ever been to! i've been dancing latin dances (salsa, cha-cha, bachata, etc.) for over two years, and I teach beginner salsa classes in New York. Never have I found a place like Medellin's Dancefree. The studio doubles as a latin dance club at night, so after the group lessons (which they offer five nights a week- incredible) we all get a chance to practice our new moves in an actual "club" setting. I've also been taking private classes with them for over a month now, and these instructors are probably the most experienced teachers I've ever met. They will fix your technique, teach you original turn patterns, and constantly adjust their teaching style to meet your level. The level of talent accumulated in one dance company is amazing.Their prices are also unbeatable. (In the United States, I could never take private lessons with world salsa champions at only 20 bucks an hour.) Also, they're so accustomed to teaching foreigners that my limited Spanish has never been a problem. What stands out to me the most, however, is that the instructors simply love dancing with the students. They always have a smile on their face, as if it were their first time on the dance floor. In some ways, it almost seems like DanceFree is just too good to be true. I plan to come back to Medellin in the near future simply to keep learning from this amazing group of instructors. - adrian r., july, 2016
Best idea in medellin I took twenty hours of privates at DanceFree in Medellin in Jan. 2018. I took lessons in salsa, bachata, and kizomba. All my instructors both male and female were very good at dancing at passing on that knowledge. They were also very patient. I have danced salsa quite a bit in various venues around the world. I would be considered a decent intermediate. I got to that level after taking many hours of lessons over several years and have worked with a variety of instructors also in numerous locations around the globe. I say this so you understand that I know what I am talking about. You would be hard pressed to find a group of better instructors anywhere and if you did you would be paying 3 times the price cause you would be in the States or Europe. Do yourself a favor, spend spend some time in Medellin. Learn some Spanish and how to dance. Any efforts you make will continue to pay you dividends the rest of your life. It's your call.- chris s., february, 2018
one of the best experiences of my life I have been taking private and group classes for salsa and bachata at Dancefree for about 7 weeks now and can honestly say that it's been one the best experiences of my life. I came in with zero dance experience and became hooked immediately. Even for someone with absolutely no talent for dancing, salsa is incredibly fun. It can be challenging and frustrating but ultimately so rewarding. What really makes Dancefree such an incredible environment is the staff. Every single instructor I've worked with is incredibly warm, patient, encouraging, positive and passionate. Most importantly, every single one is such a character and so much fun to be around. Shout out to Estefania, Alejandro, Luisa, Sara and Tatiana for helping me fall in love with dance. Classes are easy schedule and they're open every day of the week. They also have a great scheduling system that will send you a calendar invitation and daily reminders. I can't recommend trying out a class at Dancefree enough. It's been an incredible experience and I'll be leaving with a new passion that I'll keep for the rest of my life.- derrick l., febrero, 2018
words can't explain the experience i've hadThe instructors are awesome and amazing dancers. I came to Medellín for my first time and coming to salsa classes was the highlight of my trip. - rajanna s., february, 2018
this place is awesome!One of my main goals in coming to Medellin was to learn salsa and I picked a good place. I bought private classes because I wanted to learn well and they are great so far. The group classes are also fabulous- dance with a bunch of different partners, it’s fun, and you learn a lot. They also have language exchanges on Saturday’s which are free and other free events. Awesome place to meet people, learn to dance and have a great time. - thomas p., january, 2018
Best Place to Dance Salsa/Bachata in Medellin The entire staff was unbelievably nice, friendly and helpful, and they all know exactly what they're doing. I took the private classes and had a great time. The language exchange on Saturday evenings are also a great touch. It was the most memorable part of my stay in Medellin, and I can't wait to go back.- alex c., february, 2017
what a great experience  I only had time to take 2 hours of private classes. I am beginner who always thought that i have 2 left feet and that dancing is simply not for me. . It was an amazing experience and i managed to learn quite a lot during those 2 hours and left with a different thinking. Now i feel that i can learn dancing salsa and that it's so much fun. Thanks so much Christian M for a great lesson. I hope to be back this year for some more lessons.- dorota l., january, 2018
can't miss stop in medellinDanceFree is a great place to learn salsa, bachata, or merengue. The staff is amazing and I would highly recommend using them if you come to Medellín and want to dance salsa. I learned a lot in the first group class- I especially encourage people who are staying in Medellin so they are able to build upon their first lesson or two. The staff is great- obviously experienced dancers and teachers. Super friendly but have good communication skills if you are doing something wrong. They can teach you whether or not you speak Spanish. - zach f., january, 2018
el personal es increíble Excelente lugar para aprender a bailar tienen varios niveles en una sola clase, además el personal es increíble!! Son muy amables y se toman el tiempo necesario para ayudarte a aprender. En definitiva espero volver pronto o que abran pronto en Bogotá.- karolina g., january, 2018
Awesome Dance Instructors - The people who teach and run the classes make this an amazing place to learn to dance. They are some of the most welcoming of the Colombians I've met, which says a lot given that Colombia is full of warm and friendly people. I started casually taking classes, having no prior experience, and am now taking classes most days of the week for the past four months. That might count for a life-changing experience. It's great exercise, a great way to meet locals and other travelers, and great dancing. - Peter g., January, 2015
Best dance academy and night time venue combo!!! From the 6 months I've been taking classes here I recommend Dancefree 110%!!! 5 nights a week Dancefree has Salsa & Bachata group classes which are perfect to meet new people and learn dance whatever your level. Classes are high energy, packed with quality dance instruction, and loads of fun! Outside of classes Dancefree converts into a popular salsa bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Definitely one of the best salsa venues I've ever been to! An excellent place to practice the moves you learned during the week or watch some of the amazing dancers that come from all over Medellin to dance there. And if you really want to polish your skills, Dancefree has a team of friendly, professional instructors teaching all week. They really make you feel comfortable, they have a great teaching style and classes are always challenging and enjoyable. What's really special about Dancefree is the attitude they have towards people and dance. The staff are naturally friendly and you can see they love what they do. I really see this as a company that puts people and dance first over all else and it shows. 5 stars Dancefree, you rock the salsa world!! - Adam R., February, 2015
the best dance instructors In my experience Dancefree has the best instructors, and is the ideal place to learn how to dance. I’ve taken Salsa classes in the United States as well as Buenos Aires, and it never really “clicked” with me. I struggled with even the most basic of passes. A few years ago I took private classes with Melissa at Dancefree, and my capacity to learn and understand, as well as my footwork and movement, really accelerated. I found the classes in the U.S. to be very expensive, and usually half the time was spent talking or explaining. This is not the case with Dancefree- you will get your money’s worth. There are two main factors that separate them from the other dance schools I have attended. #1. Mastery. The instructors at Dancefree are not just good dancers, they are world class dancers. #2. The ability to teach. It’s one thing to know how to dance, it’s another to have the aptitude to teach another person how to dance. They really excel in this area. I would recommend them to the casual or inexperienced dancer who just wants to learn a few basic steps for fun, as well as anyone who has the aspirations of becoming a professional dancer. - dennis m., january, 2017
Best money you will spend on a private dance classI loved my class at Dancefree. The instructor was patient, respectful, and fantastic dancer!! I fell in love with this place and will definitely come back to it when I come back to Medellin!- rika k., january, 2017
dancefree and its people have a special magic that i can't describe with wordsHi there, so sad I didn't see you anymore to say goodbye. I wanted to thank you again for everything, for this wonderful place you have created and the joy you brought through this to my last three weeks. Dancefree and its people have a special magic that I can't describe with words. It just makes you happy. I'll miss all this and you guys a lot, a lot and I hope to be back soon! Take good care of yourself. Many hugs,Wilma- wilma h., march, 2017
bailando- okay, so my plan was to spend most of my days in Spanish class and take salsa a few days a week. Ummmmmm. When I first visited and watched clases privadas, I was already obsessed so now it's more like spend all day in the dance studio. Bailandooo. I LOOOOOOOVE this place! I've spent about 40 hours here over the course of 2 1/2 weeks. I really should probably get a life. :-P You can learn salsa, bachata, reggaeton, solo work, etc. Private classes are well worth the investment! Each teacher/dancer has their own style but they all add something to the studio and to you! and most importantly, they are all patient... I didn't even know basic salsa when I came jajajaja. They dance in line on one btw. You can benefit from any of them. I haven't done privates with everyone like I wanted to but I'm only here for so long so I'll give you a run down of who I can. Juli is like the cool guy that would make you fall in love if you saw him dancing at a party. He will give you some swag, which if you're like me, you need lol. Edison will tweak your technique to perfection so you are not out there looking sloppy and messy. Luisa is amazing at solos, even for men, just watch her when she's teaching a man - her footwork is crazy. Karina teaches me hot, fiery, sassy moves and we do a lot of unique exercises too then Jessica polishes how I look doing those bold moves and teaches me even more "show moves" so I can pretend I'm a professional to the public jaja. I'm still trying to learn how to hair flip like her. I'm serious lol. I told my friends back home Elis is a silent killer b/c he's quiet but just wait for him to get into a song plus he taught me a COOL spin. He also taught me how to trust the guy, which is important during following. Daniela is the first person who taught me how to roll my hips. I thought I knew already... I was wrong! All in all, everyone is amazing. But please don't be an annoying foreigner that forces everyone to speak English to you solely. You are in Colombia! Embrace the Spanish language and they will translate what they can if you don't understand. Love the paisa culture and in turn, you will reap all of its benefits and you will find that Medellin will give you what you have been lacking. :-) - lauran g., february, 2017
salsa at its best! Buenos dias everyone! I had the unique opportunity to take private dance lessons for 10 weeks at this studio while escaping the New England winter.
It was the highlight of my whole vacation. As an experienced dancer, I was amazed at the quality of the lessons, the love and support of the staff and all the fun I had learning my lessons and the dance parties. Everyone is a great dancer at these parties. All the locals take group lessons during the week and attend the week-end salsa dances. Many tourists visiting Medellin take privates there and spend a good portion of their day at this studio. Lessons are sold by the hour and it's not unusual for someone to take a 3 hour private lesson.
I learned of cool movements, loved the spinning in place and learned some of the more traditional Colombian dances! Everyone is made to feel very welcomed. I certainly felt safe there. Everyone signs into the dances by utilizing an email address or other proof of identification. Once you attend a few dances you become one of the big happy family. Saving my money to go back soon. Miss you guys!!!!! - patricia p., january, 2017
Hello Salsa!...and Cumbia! Back home, I dance, but I've never danced salsa before. What better place to learn, than from the source? And from what better people, than from people who LOVE what they do? It's clear that Edison loves to dance and he loves to teach. Why? Because he's great at both! He was able to "meet me where I was" and encourage me to take risks. He offered me dignity and respect. Edison could break down steps, model and make the experience fun at the same time. Yes, we even laughed! I had two full hour private lessons from him. By the end of the second lesson, it didn't even feel like a lesson; it just felt like natural dancing. I also had the unique experience to take a Cumbia class with Melissa. This was surely a gift, as you won't find it listed on the website. Friends of mine told me about Cumbia. Guille, the person who was scheduling with me, recommended Melissa, as she enjoys teaching Cumbia. Right, he was! For me, the door was opened into a very special cultural exchange. I learned a dance that is done both traditionally and socially. Melissa did not only show me the steps, allowing me to dance in costume, but shared with me the philosophy behind the dance. Working with the cloth, making it twirl, flick, and show swirly designs, just by making simple hand or wrist moves was magical and quite beautiful. Because Cumbia has a different rhythm than most of the other Columbian dances, class was offered in a small back studio. I felt as if I had such special treatment. I'm not sure if I will have the chance to dance Cumbia again, but I was glad to have a taste, as it brought me to a place that transcends time. Deep thanks to Melissa! The entire operation is very professional. I appreciated the clarity when I originally signed up for classes. The discount was explained clearly, as was the cancellation policy. No surprises, just fairness. I am ever so glad that I treated myself to private classes at Dancefree. I'll be sure to take more classes at Dancefree upon my next visit to Medellin. - elise g., february, 2017
learn to dance colombia style, make friends, and leave smiling! Dancefree is an experience not to be missed, even if you think you can’t dance. When the instructors say they want people to dance and be happy, they really mean it. I wandered into the studio not long ago, watched some lessons in progress and was inspired to sign up for private salsa lessons to add some of those sexy Colombian moves to my dance style. I also loved the free lessons at night, which included one of the best bachata lessons I’ve ever had. In fact, the great instructors are one of the reasons I will visit Medellin again next year. - susan f., october, 2016
great place! Every teacher here is great! Definitely worth getting private lessons if it is within your budget. I've worked with 5 or 6 of the instructors and each one of them has helped me a great deal in their own way. They are all very skilled and passionate about teaching dance. If you're on a budget then they have group classes which are also great and very cheap. And if you're dead broke, there are even FREE classes two nights a week. If you have ever wanted to dance Salsa and you're in Medellin, you really don't have an excuse not to come. I'm very happy to have discovered this place, my life is better now! - justin l., september, 2016
inspired to continue salsa - Dancefree becomes a small family to you very quickly. I've worked with several instructors there and you can tell they are all genuinely interested in helping you progress. I just returned from a trip to Cali to witness the 2016 Salsa Mundial de Cali from the front row! It was amazing and their care and patients is unmatched by any studio I have ever visited. - gerardo r., september, 2016
Amazing place to meet new people and learn to shake it fairly easily!! I think it's one of the best environments of the whole city. Great people go there and the teachers are really nice. Would definitely visit this place when visiting Medellin again! - diego d., august, 2015
Certainly the best Salsa lessons in Medellin - It certainly can't get much better. Dancefree convinces not only with a really awesome team of professional dancers and staff. The entire dance school has a pretty good setup as well. Perfectly located in Poblado, the dance studio has got a very spacious dance floor and stage that comfortably fit 80 people or more. Thumbs up for the sound system and air-conditioning as well. During my two month stay in Medellin, Dancefree has always been a fun and pleasant location to improve my dancing skills and socialize with many local and international guests. The group classes in the evenings cater for all levels. You either join the beginners group or the intermediate/advanced group. During the group class dance partners rotate so everyone gets a partner to dance with and everyone gets to know fair a few people straight on the first day. After the class, there is always social dancing and you can chat with all the teachers that do private lessons as well. Private lessons at Dancefree are really really good, reasonably priced (super cheap compared to the US, Europe or Australia) and available 7 days a week. - Marcus K., December, 2016
The BEST PLACE!!! You HAVE to come to DanceFree! I was just traveling through Colombia... thought I would spend a few days or maybe a week in Medellin. I discovered Dance Free during my first couple days in Medellin and my life has been forever changed. I started taking 3 hours of private salsa lessons per day and would come every night for the group classes and dancing afterwards. I stayed in Medellin for 3 weeks for dancing, for Dance Free. I became obsessed. :) I never realized how much fun and social and challenging and exciting it was to dance! I've now found a new life long passion. The teachers here are exceptional and will work with all levels (I was an absolute beginner when I started). They have world class dancers, 2 just won the ESPN world salsa competition, and they make it fun to learn- which is really important when you're just starting out. It was so sad to leave after 3 weeks here, but I know I'll be back soon for more lessons and dancing~!! PS- go on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights for the best salsa/bachata club in Medellin. Saturday stays busy until 3am. :) I miss this... - Lauren B., September, 2015
great professional dancers!!! - First time in Medellin and am on a salsa team in the US that dances on 2 and the professional dancers here (mostly on 1) dance amazing! Super fun and great energy. Highly recommend! Cheap drinks too. AIDA D., JUNE, 2016
Can´t imagine learning salsa and bachata anywhere else - always wanted to learn salsa - and I'm so glad I found Dancefree. The "Professors" are world-class dancers and enthusiastic teachers. There's also a wonderful camaraderie among the students - especially the ones who regularly attend the classes. We are all crazy about salsa and Dancefree is our outlet! Most importantly, you won't find any of the snootiness that you sometimes encounter at other salsa clubs. I still remember my first Thursday class and social dance night where I asked an instructor to dance with me (as a complete beginner). She was super friendly and of course, amazing to dance with. I found out a month later that she was the Colombian champion for Salsa Dancing on 1 and the Cha Cha Cha! She had no airs about her - and that's why I love Dance Free. After a couple free Thursday classes I took the plunge and bought a monthly membership. I've never taken dance classes before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But I found that the continuity of the practice (both body control and moves) and tricks you pick up from the instructors really helped accelerate my progress. I started as a total beginner and within a month could move up to the intermediate level. The classes are challenging and last 2-3 hours depending on how long you practice after the class. :) I would recommend also taking a few private classes a week to establish good habits for all the foundational footwork and leading (for the guys). I found taking classes from both male and female instructors helpful as well. Non-spanish speakers may find some of the instruction hard to follow but I found it a great way to practice Spanish and meet locals in a Spanish context. There are now some Spanish words that I'll never forget such as "pecho" and "hombros." Dancefree was a my second home in Medellin and I can't wait to return to learn more and see all my old friends. I've now been to a number of salsa nights and classes in Los Angeles and I can say that the value, fun, and atmosphere of Dancefree is truly special. - Darren J., July, 2015
Best Salsa lessons in Medellin, hands down!! Very cool and nice teachers! Visited Medellin for 7 days and heard about Dancefree by word-on-mouth from other travelers. After a first group class I knew this was the place for me to take private classes. Hands down the best salsa place in Medellin! All teachers (guys and girls) have different styles and skills. One is better in body movement and e.g. the other in Choreography. Jerrmy (world champion and amazing Choreography) and Edison (great teacher with tons of teaching experience) are amazing dancers and teachers. For all the females, I would recommend to take classes from Karina or Daniela. Karina has AMAZING body movement (she moves body parts which I did not even think could move :) and Daniela is a world champion professional salsa dancer, a beautiful dancer. I loved dancing with the both of them. I revisited Medellin again after my travels through Colombia for the second time to ... take some more classes at Dancefree :-) - A.J. J., Enjoy! August, 2015
No Place Else to go - I decided to go to Dancefree because they answered all my questions, which were many, before I even left to to to Medellin. I am 62 and with limit abilities to dance salsa. My first lesson was an hour with Edison, which was great to learn from someone patient and concerned that I learn the right way. My next 4 days I took private lessons for about 2 hours an day with Daniela. I dont speak Spanish and we had to use a translator at times which gave us some laughs but she was still able in a professional way to show and explain to me how to do the right moves and steps. Not only is she a fantastic teacher and dancer but she is even better as a person. She cared about me learning and had me doing some things I didnt think I would be able to do. Her passion and smile really made this the best times I had in my visit. Everyone I met there were great and not only professional but friendly and just so nice. I am sure all there instructors are great from what I saw. My only regret is that I didnt spent more time on my vacation and have more hours to learn. When I go back this is the place I will go to and Daniela is the one I will request. Many thanks to Bill for all his help and dealing with my many questions. Make sure you go there when you want to learn and have fun learning. - Michael Y., September, 2015
Dancefree is one of a kind! - From the highly skilled instructors to the warm atmosphere, there was never a time where I didn't feel welcome. When I first arrived, I had never danced salsa before in my life, but now I feel totally okay (as a gringo) with getting out there and doing it whenever I can! Something anyone should definitely at least try in your travels to Medellín. - Michael G., May, 2015
11 months in this dance academy :) one year in Medellin, 11 months dancing with DanceFree: my 2nd house! People are friendly, it's a real family!They want you to enjoy dancing more than anything! Thanks to their professionalism and thier good prices, you can reach a very good level and fully enjoy every type of dance! Thank you for every everything DanceFree :) - Marine F., August, 2015
Class and Community Dancefree is a place not only to learn how to dance, but to find community and friends. Salsa and bachata are a huge part of why I love living in Medellin - if you haven't been you have to go! Take a class from the amazing teachers and get to know some of your dance partners. It's a must-do! The best part is you can go alone and you will fit right in! - Margarita B., May, 2016
you feel like family from the first time you enter - I have been dancing Salsa & Bachata for over 15 years. I have danced in many countries throughout the world., I must say that in all this time outside the United States, I have never found a better, more friendly & nicer place to dance Salsa & Bachata than "DanceFree" in Medellin, Colombia. The owner, waitresses & staff make you feel like family from the first time you enter. The music is great & the energy of this wonderful club is fantastic each night they are open. The dancers here are both expert & beginners so everyone can be comfortable - Michael P., Abril, 2016
I´ve been dancing here every day for over a month and couldn´t be happier. First, the people:I do private lessons daily with three of the teachers, all who are accomplished competitive dancers. More importantly, they truly love the music, the dance, and teaching -- their energy is infectious and they really know how to shape a student into an all around dancer with style, technique, and attitude. They are really fun, good natured people that makes learning with them such a pleasure. Second, the dancing opportunities .Dancefree is unique in Medellin in that there are group classes and open social dancing pretty much every night of the week. For someone like me who came here not knowing anyone it was key for me to have a place to practice and dance at night. Dancefree has the vibe where you can go dance with anyone at night, not just who you came with -- this is the culture of salsa I come from and really appreciate it here. So I get to practice privately during the day and practice at night in an environment of funloving people who love the music and the dance. Its pretty awesome and exactly what I was looking for coming to Medellin. I also think I can say I'm a lot better and more natural after just a month of intensive dancing. - David S., April, 2016
Best dancing school in Colombia!! I just love everything about dancefree. The instructors are great, they have super much energy and patience. They offer free classes which I think is an awesome way to get to know some salsa basics. Their lessons are actually really cheap, a great and inexpensive way to learn salsa. Their socials are great, with many advanced dancers and teachers.Another thing that I love, they teach you salsa en linea. Which is great if you want to continue dancing salsa in the US or Europe. I like this style way better then Cuban, but that is offcourse personal. I didn't find any other dancing school like this in Colombia. So if you like dancing you should definetely give it a try!! Ps their private lessons are also really inexpensive!! Diantha V., April, 2016
Style, attitude, family - Great latin dance school for any level. Their pros are highly accomplished and really personally invested in helping your body and mind achieve whatever rhythm you can reach in the time you put in. The group classes are great socials, about half foreigners and half colombianos and weekends starting Thursdays a lot of advanced dancers come for the disco after the class. Place has a great Medellin vibe - friendly and energetic. - Duncan N., March, 2016
Best place for dancing bachata and On1 (línea) salsa in MedellínLook no further folks. If you are in town or live here, Dancefree is a welcoming place to dance salsa in. From beginner to expert to, oh, world champions :) there is a place on the floor for you to boogie. - Elizabeth K., August, 2015
Epic way to learn Salsa and Bachata! I absolutely love Dancefree! Their deal on group classes is fantastic - you get access to group classes 6 days per week for a MONTH for the same price as only 2-3 private classes. Needless to say, I went 5 times per week (on average) for the three months I lived in Medellín. I really like their concept on the group classes. Each class begins with some group stretching and a warmup, after which you'll learn an intermediate move (without partner) as part of the warmup. After that the class is divided up into two groups - beginners in one and intermediate/advanced in the other. If you don't know where you should be - just go to the beginner one. It took me a good month to go from knowing nothing to the intermediate/advanced group. In the beginner group you'll learn one or two new moves every class, and you'll learn it properly. After just 5 classes you'll have enough moves to hold your own throughout a song, assuming of course you make sure to not forget the moves in between classes. In Bachata they get you comfortable with dancing really close, even early on when you don't know anything, which REALLY helps as you get better. In the intermediate/advanced group you'll learn some really slick moves. Usually each class has one intermediate move, and a more advanced version of the same move. After three months of hard practice I could mostly keep up with the intermediate moves, and some of the advanced ones, assuming it was to a slow song. The things you learn at Dancefree are directly applicable to any dancefloor where they play Salsa and Bachata. In fact, I even got significantly better at dancing to Reggaeton after all the things we learned during the warmups and in the bachata classes. The teachers are great, they really know their stuff and save you many hours of frustration by pointing out exactly what you are doing wrong. You'll also meet lots and lots of people at Dancefree - everyone is super friendly (proper colombian style) and it's also a great way to learn Spanish, if you don't already speak it. People at Dancefree are always down for dancing, so don't be shy about asking people to dance! In summary, signing up for and going to Dancefree as much as I could was the best thing I did in Medellín for the 3 months I was there, and I'd recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in trying Salsa or Bachata! - Johan P., January, 2016
Dancefree is addictive...beware of staying here longer than expected - Having taken one free class at Dancefree (Thursdays!) I decided to book in for a week of private lessons and then go to the group sessions in the evenings too in attempt to kick start my moving away from having two left feet. Within three days I’d booked another two weeks of classes and I am going to be desperately sad to leave Medellin when they are up. People have moved here to learn at Dancefree (and perhaps live in such a cool city) and it isn’t hard to understand why. The classes are as varied as the teachers/instructors who, despite appearing as dance gods to a mere bopping pleb like me, have the patience of saints and the humour and smiles to make you feel instantly at home both in the private and group classes. During the private classes, depending on your level, you may be ironing out the little errors in your basic steps or happily twirling around the dancefloor for the hours that you are there, but you’re always learning - I find that my mind is as tired as my legs after a two hour class. In the group classes, after an often hilarious warm up that should destroy any inhibitions you used to hold, the focus is teaching a set of steps and getting you to practice it with as many people as possible. It’s well worth learning some small talk in Spanish as you’ll be meeting lots of locals as well as a fair number of visitors too, but even if you’re not down with the lingo then ‘hola' and a good smile goes a long way. Before and after the group classes there’s always time and opportunity to find partners to practice with and it is such an easy going atmosphere that you could walk up to anyone and ask for a dance. If you’re a little shy, don’t worry because the instructors will make sure you find someone to practice with, both after the lessons and during the events that are on a couple of times per week. In short, people go to Dancefree to learn, dance, and have fun. If you’re in el Poblado just for a couple of nights then you’d be crazy not to check out one of the group classes. If you’re here for a week or two and want to get your shoulders rolling, your spins tighter or get the low-down on the Colombian style you’d do well to book in to the private classes. If you’re here for longer than that and have signed up for the long-haul, then please don’t tell me - I don’t handle jealousy well. - Sam P., April, 2015
First salsa lesson - My first dance lesson ever. Always wanted to take a salsa lesson but never had the time and cohones!! I'm hardly an dancer and way past my prime but Dancefree staff was VERY accommodating and I had a blast. Thanks DF. Ps price is super reasonable - Chris H., April, 2015
Little would I know... Maybe you're thinking what I have been thinking all my life - that dancing is not your thing and it's cool when you look at someone doing it, but not necessarily when you are doing it - that it looks akward. Well, that was my mindset and little would I know what a great life changing experience dancing is, had I not met the great team of Dancefree instructors. Yes, it's that good:) The majority of people coming to Medellin takes Salsa and Bachata clases and Dancefree has world class professionals dedicated to these very colombian dances. Spending a lot of time in electronic music clubs myslef, I decided to take clases of house and hip-hop dances which can be trained in Dancefree during private classes. And that's how I started my 30h adventure with fun, energetic people, cool urban style moves and great vibes of trust and common passion. Results: there's always someone in a club on Satruday night now who comes up to me and says: 'Hey, you dance so cool. Could you show me some moves, please?' :) These few sentences I'm writing here obviously have become something that I no longer control. Nor that I necessarily want to - but if there's some reason for this state of a matter, is only a good mood that remains in my mind when sporadically thinking about these spectacular moments we shared with Dancefree team: Vanessa (aka La Loca), Chirry, Karina, Melissa and Bill, who runs the place and who focuses on making it better every day.  To quote the coolest intructor I could possible ever have a chance to train with: "hagale, pues!!!" - Andrew W., February, 2015
excellent classes - the reason the classes here are excellent and better than others is because each class is followed by an entire hour of practice, if not the whole night. It's not just "ok time is up, go home" people actually stay and dance hehe or try to dance. You don't find this anywhere else. The instructors are excellent as well.lukas m., november, 2015
Amazing Classes - I have booked classes with Dancefree for various dances. From Salsa Caleña to Bachata they have been able to teach me exactly what I requested. Dancefree teaches you all the important details you have to learn if you want to improve your dancing skills or learn it from scratch. The free lessons in the evenings are the best way for practize dancing with a lot of different partners and as the teachers are around at the parties, you could still ask them for help if you forgot an important part of a step you just learned. Private lessons can be scheduled at day time and my impression was that they are 100% reliable and flexible in scheduling. Overall I can highly recommend to book classes with Dancefree. Many thanks to all the teachers and the staff, I had a great time and learned a lot!! - Alex B., January, 2015
When I arrived in Colombia I was the stereotypical awkward gringo on the dancefloor... Through a combination of hands on personal attention I got in private lessons, and the fun, social group classes where you dance with a lot of partners, I can now hold my own on the dancefloor. If you are looking for an alternative to the loud nightclubs and smoky chair filled little bars, I highly recommend Dancefree as a social outlet. I met some of the most friendly, warm Colombians there. Also, almost every Thursday they actually have live music after 10PM which is hard to find here in Medellin. Gracias a Bill, Edison, Karina, Melissa y los otros! - Jonathan R., January, 2015
Best Salsa lessons in Medellin - Your business surely made my Medellin trip memorable and has made me eager to comeback. I learned more in several hours of lessons with your staff than I did in any salsa lessons in the USA. - Derek m., december, 2014